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Since the company first started up to this very day, its people have always been its main driver of growth, without whom it would have been impossible to guarantee quality of service to its customers. We never set for anything less than providing you with speedy and reliable Service and support.

Relying on the strongest team of certified sales and support staff, we are right there for you, ready to help with the most challenging issues. As in every modern-day business, our people act as one through three distinct teams.


As part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our customers/partners and constantly develop and enhance our offerings, in line with the latest developments, we have setup a diverse team of skilled people who can rise to every challenge with utmost efficiency. Strong knowledge of our products and services is one of the bare necessities for being a part of the team, and all sales members are pre-authorized to take decisions to take up to a certain high level of critical decisions by themselves to ensure that our clients / partners do not have to wait for anything business critical.

R&D, Support and Service

Our technical support team is made up of leading certified IT engineers with many years of hands-on experience on related technologies. The engineers in our technical support team are constantly trained and evaluated with a view to providing the very best solutions even to the most demanding problems.


Our specialized operation team is constantly looking into the actual needs of our customers/partners, relying on the recent technical developments in the industry.

Our operation team comprises of marketing, logistics, accounts and HR department, is made up of highly qualified professionals, and adapts and promotes solutions and services which are tailored to each customer. Our strategy focuses on achieving the best possible solution for our partners and these departments work with an enviable synergy to achieve miraculous results on a daily basis.