For more than 30 years DICOTA has stood for the highest quality, functionality, and reliability. Today, this competence, passion, and commitment are reflected in a wide range of laptop-carrying solutions and accessories for hybrid working. Since their beginning in 1992, sustainability has been a top priority. Not only with regard to the ethically and environmentally conscious production of DICOTA products but also to its business partnerships.

As a forward-thinking brand, Dicota is fully aware of its social and ecological responsibility. Since the launch of their first collection produced from environmentally friendly material in 2010, they have been committed to improving their contribution to recycling by creating more products that are sustainable. Focusing on eco-friendliness and expanding our sustainable carrying solutions in the years to come.

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Dicota ECO Accessory Pouch MOVE Small

Dicota ECO Accessory Pouch MOVE Medium

Dicota Webcam PRO Plus Full HD

Dicota portable stand for laptop and tablet

Perfect Skin 14-14.1

Perfect skin is made of elastic synthetic neoprene and perfectly adapts to the form of your notebook like a second skin. The best guarantee against surface scratches and other dents and damage. Another advantage; the zipper is fitted with an extra surface on the inside in order to avoid scratches on the notebook.

Robust, Especially Elastic Neoprene.

Adapts Perfectly Like A Second Skin To The Notebook.

Zipper equipped with additional padding to protect from scratches.

Lightweight design.


Professional carrying solutions
Functionality and Reliability
Designed for Surface
High visibility BackPacks
Practical and Compact
Founded in Germany

Consistent. social and ecological.

As a leading brand for first-class bag solutions, we are aware of our social and ecological responsibility and actively shape the future. Dicota is committed to finding innovative ways to conserve resources and build on fair partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees. In Dicota’s global branches, they offer apprenticeships and support young talents as they start their careers. At the same time, they appreciate the great know-how and the high level of service of many long-standing employees.

Environmental protection is one of the basic principles of the amfori initiative and at DICOTA sustainability is lived day by day. They have already lay the foundation for sustainable solutions at the drawing table.

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