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Scanner Maintenance

Rookie Ninja offers you a single-source advantage for all your information management service needs. With a focus on your organization’s productivity and the ability to increase the proficiency of your staff, our service plans are tailored to maximize your investment for many years to come. Whether for desktop, mission-critical or high-volume solutions, join the thousands of customers who have relied on the following advantages from our document scanner services:

  • Trained and certified on-site and replacement service plans available for Alaris and many OEM document scanners like CANON, EPSON and FUJITSU.
  • One source of expert scanner maintenance.
  • Use of original parts, to ensure the fidelity of your equipment and industry best first-time repair rates.
  • Professional services including installation and training, which expand the value of our maintenance services.

Once you buy a document scanner, you know you’re investing in a product with industry-leading technology and expect a high ROI. Caring for this investment is an equally important decision. Extend your advantage by relying on service and support from rookie ninja to deliver the performance you expect.

Tiered Return To Base & On-site Service Plans:

Our business depends on helping your business do great work. That’s why our unique ability to serve our customers across the region with responsiveness, accuracy, and professionalism is unmatched in the industry. This value is available to you through our configured and customizable offerings. Our repair and maintenance offering cover all parts, labor and remote support. It is available in four tiers:

ESSENTIAL The fundamental collection of maintenance and support options that enable the optimal operation of your scanners ensuring the productivity of your information management environment.
ADVANCED All the value of the essential tier plus extensions to key elements that enhance the overall value such as faster response times (where geographically feasible) and additional services.
PREMIUM The premium plan offers unparalleled convenience and value for mission critical applications where productivity and business continuity are of maximum importance. Additional preventative maintenance visits and premium response times are just the start.
CUSTOM MADE If one of these plans isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, we can work with you to create a custom service package. together we can create a cost-effective repair and maintenance program customized to your business needs. By selecting rookie ninja services, you’re benefiting from the best service organization in the industry. Alaris puts you first by delivering an exceptional customer experience every time. Whether your business is large or small, global or local, you can rely on our services for dependable and flexible service options.