Fujitsu FI-7140 Document Scanner

Brand : Fujitsu

The essential fi Series scanner with exceptional business performance

  • 40 ppm / 80 ipm scanning in color, grayscale and monochrome
  • 80-sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Advanced paper handling technology for the ultimate in feeding reliability
  • LED light-source
  • Scanner Central Admin suite
  • Embossed card scanning (1.4 mm thickness)
  • Daily Duty Cycle: 6000 Pages

The Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7140 is fast at speeds of 40 ppm in simplex and 80 ipm in duplex and features an 80-sheet automatic document feeder with an optical resolution of 600 dpi and 24-bit color depth for high quality images. Its compact design makes it suitable for use on desks and small offices and scanning can be done with a single push of the button. The unit automatically detects paper size when scanning a batch of mixed-size documents, detects the alignment of scanned documents, and corrects paper skews of the scanned image. Designed to quickly scan a wide range of documents, the Paper Protection feature constantly checks along the length of the documents and automatically stops paper feeding when an error occurs to avoid any damage to the document or loss of information.

The PaperStream IP scan driver supports TWAIN/ISIS and saves you the inconvenience of fine-tuning the settings for the OCR process. Additionally, it automatically converts the images into clean images, accelerating OCR even when scanning wrinkled or stained documents or documents with a background pattern. Seamlessly linked to PaperStream IP, PaperStream Capture quickly feeds information into your organization workflow with its various batch scanning capture features. Utilizing data extracted from barcodes and patch codes, the software also determines your preferred saving destinations and eliminates time allocated to routine tasks.

* Availability of this model may vary depending on region.


Description fi-7140
Supported operating systems Windows® 10(1), Windows® 8.1, Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2019, Windows Server® 2016, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2008(2), macOS(3)(4), Linux (Ubuntu)(3)(4)
Sensor type Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Scanning modes Simplex / Duplex, Color / Grayscale / Monochrome
Image sensor type Color CCD (Charge-coupled device) x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Light source White LED Array x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
Multifeed detection Ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensor x 1, Paper detection sensor
Document size Maximum 216 x 355.6 mm (8.5 x 14 in.)
Minimum(5) 50.8 x 54 mm (2 x 2.13 in.) (Landscape / Portrait)
Long paper scanning(6) 216 x 5,588 mm (8.5 x 220 in.)
Paper weight (7)(Thickness) Paper 27 to 413 g/m2 (7.2 to 112 lb.)
*A8 size: 127 to 209 g/m2 (34 to 56 lb.)
Plastic Card 1.4 mm or less(8)
Scanning speed(9) (A4, Portrait) Color(10) Simplex: 40 ppm, Duplex: 80 ipm
(200 / 300 dpi)
Grayscale(10) Simplex: 40 ppm, Duplex: 80 ipm
(200 / 300 dpi)
Monochrome(11) Simplex: 40 ppm, Duplex: 80 ipm
(200 / 300 dpi)
ADF Capacity (12) 80 Sheets ( A4: 80 g/m2 or 20 lb. )
Expected Daily Volume 6,000 Sheets
Background colors White / Black (Selectable)
Optical resolution 600 dpi
Output resolution(13) Color (24-bit) 50 to 600 dpi
(adjustable by 1 dpi increments), 1200 dpi (driver)(14)
Grayscale (8-bit) 50 to 600 dpi
(adjustable by 1 dpi increments), 1200 dpi (driver)
Monochrome (1-bit) 50 to 600 dpi
(adjustable by 1 dpi increments), 1200 dpi (driver)
Output format Color 24-bit
Grayscale 8-bit
Monochrome 1-bit
Internal video processing 1,024 levels (10-bit)
Interface USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
Connector shape B type
Image processing functions Multi image output, Automatic color detection, Blank page detection, Dynamic threshold (iDTC), Advanced DTC, SDTC, Error diffusion, Halftone, De-Screen, Emphasis, Color cleanup, Dropout color (None / Red / Green / Blue / Saturation), sRGB output, Hole punch removal, Index tab cropping, Split image, De-Skew, Edge correction, Vertical streaks reduction, Automatic page size detection
Power requirements AC 100 to 240 V ±10%
Power consumption Operating: 36 W or less
Sleep mode: 1.8 W or less
Auto standby (OFF) mode: 0.35 W or less
Operating environment Temperature: 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)(15) 300 x 170 x 163 mm (11.81 x 6.69 x 6.42 in.)
Weight 4.2 kg (9.26 lb.)
Included software / drivers PaperStream IP Driver(3) (TWAIN/TWAIN x64/ISIS), WIA Driver, PaperStream Capture, ScanSnap Manager for fi Series(4), Software Operation Panel, Error Recovery Guide, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™,(4)Scanner Central Admin
Environmental compliance ENERGY STARR / RoHS
Included items ADF paper chute, AC cable, AC adapter, USB cable, Setup DVD-ROM

  1. fi Series scanners do not run with Windows® 10 ARM-based PCs.
  2. Requires PaperStream IP 2.2.0 or earlier.
  3. Functions equivalent to those offered by PaperStream IP may not be available with the Image Scanner Driver for macOS/Linux and WIA Driver.
  4. Refer to the fi Series Support SiteOpen a new window for driver/software downloads and full lineup of all supported operating system versions.
  5. The minimum scanning area only applies to using the ADF.
  6. Capable of scanning documents that exceed Legal sheets in length. Long page scanning supports documents with a length of up to 5,588 mm (220 in.) when the resolution is set to 200 dpi or less.
  7. The paper weight only applies to using the ADF.
  8. Capable of scanning up to 3 cards at a time. (Note: does not support multi-embossed card feedability.)
  9. Actual scanning speeds are affected by data transmission and software processing times.
  10. Indicated speeds are from using JPEG compression.
  11. Indicated speeds are from using TIFF G4 compression.
  12. Maximum capacity depends on paper weight and may vary.
  13. Selectable maximum density may vary depending on the length of scanned document.
  14. Some limitations may apply to the size of documents that can be scanned, depending on system environment, when scanning at high resolution (over 600 dpi).
  15. Excluding the ADF paper chute and Stacker.

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