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Rookie Ninja provide consultancy services to assist in all aspects of document management as a business specializing in professional scanning, Rookie Ninja offers a range of consultancy services to provide a complete document management solution. Our expertise in this area spans over a decade. It may be drawn upon by both new and existing clients who require a quick and efficient solution.

As part of our commitment to customer relations we offer expertise and guidance in all areas related to document scanning, archival, retrieval and management. This includes lending our expertise to help clients develop their own archiving environment. Full training can be provided to staff on best practices for creating and maintaining your own onsite archiving space, the benefits of creating a robust cataloguing system, and guidance with boxing and storing of files to maintain and extend the life of the paperwork held in them.

By working closely with clients, rookie ninja will provide a documented review of your requirements and outline steps on how best to configure any potential in-house archiving space.

Key benefits:

  • Analysis of requirements for future workflow planning.
  • Creation of records management policy.
  • Advice on legal and security obligations, including data protection regulations.

Our approach to document scanning is professional, secure and scalable, regardless of the medium. At Rookie Ninja, we provide a comprehensive range of data scanning and digital conversion products and services using State-of-the-Art Technologies. We can advise on the best mix of scanning hardware, software and storage to meet your specific needs.

We can help you with requirements on:

  • Bulk document scanning
  • Lab books and Master files
  • Plan and Large Format Drawings
  • Microfilm and Slides
  • Books and Delicate Material
  • Image conversion manipulation and OCR Application
  • Ongoing and Project only document scanning

Key benefits of document scanning:

Document scanning offers flexibility and instantaneous access to documents without taking up valuable office or storage space. It can help control costs and can keep archive security at a premium as the digitized documents are in your control. Paper documents and files can degrade over time if not stored correctly, and archived documents, if poorly catalogued, can often prove difficult to locate and search in detail. Therefore, by converting these files and storing in an electronic archive, files are easily available, searchable, and have no restriction as to the geographical location at which they are stored.

  • Easily Available
  • Searchable by Text
  • Secure Digital Storage
  • Increased Office Space
  • Environmentally Friendly

Setting up your process:

We have the capacity to train your staff to convert paper documents and other media to a wide range of formats, whether your requirement is an ongoing service or simply a one-off project. Before proceeding with a project, we run free sample scans from your hard copy originals to ensure that all your requirements have been understood and you are happy with the results. Starting from document preparation, to scanning, to archiving and storing and all the way up to creating backups, we can guide you through everything.