ViewSonic IFP 7532 Interactive Display

ViewSonic IFP 7532

In the modern world, bringing scattered teams together requires spending money on the appropriate technologies. Today’s employees demand more than just top-notch microphones and cameras; they also need technologies that facilitate material exchange. Fortunately, ViewSonic can be beneficial.  
ViewSonic, a pioneer in cutting-edge digital whiteboard solutions, offers a straightforward digital whiteboard that fosters unrestricted collaboration and creativity. The Viewsonic IFP 7532 provides the best interactive displays that can be described as an entire ecosystem that includes software and hardware modules.
Connection is simple and quick. A few standard features in competing devices are only available as an option (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).
Clear 4K UHD Interactive display
Pen-on-paper writing experience
Remote device management
Single-point management system for controlling multiple displays.

Key Features

  • MyViewBoard™ suite with whiteboard, wireless casting, and remote device management
  • Quad Core CPU powered by Android 9.0 OS
  • Front-facing dual speakers for better engagement.
  • Ultra Fine Touch Technology.
  • Low blue light certified.
  • Create, share, and save multi-media lessons.
  • My Viewboard Manager to manage the settings quickly and remotely.


Display Platform Bundle Software Special Features
Panel Size: 75" Processor: ARM quad-core Cortex-A55 Basic Annotation Software: myViewBoard Whiteboard All-in-one USB port: Front “SmartPort™ USB” to all channels.
Panel Type: TFT LCD Module with DLED Backlight RAM: 2GB DDR4 Pro Annotation Software: myViewBoard Whiteboard for Windows (Embedded in optional Windows Slot-in PC) Simple LAN sharing between IFP and slot-in device: 10/100M for Android & Slot-in PC
Display Area (mm): 1650.24mm(H) x 928.26mm(V) (74.6” diagonal) Storage: 16GB Wireless Presentation: myViewBoard Display Light Sensor: Yes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: UHD 3840x2160(Pixels)
Backlight Life: 30,000 Hours (Min)
Orientation: Landscape

more About this Product

The ViewBoard® 32 series offers a comprehensive solution tailored for schools and educators seeking to enhance their lessons with greater interactivity and engagement. Its 4K UHD display incorporates bonding technology to deliver vivid colors and reduce glare. With a 20-point touchscreen interface, users can collaborate effortlessly using either a finger or one of the ViewBoard styluses. The integrated access to the myViewBoard suite seamlessly combines all the hardware with intuitive software integration.
Furthermore, the display is equipped with Ultra Fine Touch Technology, providing a writing experience akin to pen on paper, featuring instant response and high precision. Additionally, dual-tip pen support enables simultaneous writing or drawing in two distinct colors.
For added convenience, users can benefit from extended connectivity options through the SmartPort™ USB and multiple I/O ports like HDMI/VGA, allowing seamless integration of additional devices for enhanced classroom support.
The bundled myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software provides a blend of enterprise-grade security with cloud-based flexibility, along with a range of annotation tools. This includes hassle-free wireless casting with secure single sign-on, innovative collaboration features, effortless conversion of common file formats, and numerous other functionalities.

Moreover, the myViewBoard Manager presents a centralized management system capable of efficiently overseeing multiple displays simultaneously.

Why choose ViewSonic IFP 7532?

ASUSTOR’s built-in EZ Connect technology enables you to create your personal cloud in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve registered for a unique Cloud ID, you can use it to access your ASUSTOR NAS from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
The Viewsonic IFP 7532 is a comprehensive answer for educators trying to present more interactive and captivating classroom teachings. The bonding technique in the 4K UHD display makes colors more vibrant and reduces glare. Users can collaborate naturally using a finger or one of the ViewBoard styluses on a 20-point touchscreen interface. The myViewBoard suite’s built-in access unifies all hardware through seamless software integration. It comes with all the necessary software for an educational institution, which includes ViewSonic Whiteboard software, video recording software, Manager Software, Screen Casting software, etc.
Additionally, the display has Ultra Fine Touch Technology, providing a writing experience similar to writing on paper with great accuracy and rapid reaction. Dual-tip pen compatibility allows you to write or draw with two different colors concurrently. If users want to connect other devices for more classroom support, they can do so via the SmartPortTM USB and multi-I/O ports, which include HDMI/VGA.

What is in the box?

  • 3 meters power cable
  • Remote control
  • 3 meters USB cable
  • Touch pen
  • RS232 adapter
  • Clamp & screw
  • HDMI cable
  • Quick start guide

The Viewsonic IFP 7532 is well-suited for educational and other conferences that strive to deliver more interactive and engaging lessons as its specifically designed for educators. Viewsonic IFP 7532 allows you to stand out with a wide range of media and integrate various presentation tools.

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